About me

I am a natural scientist and a professional medical illustrator. My artwork explores that which intrigues me in the natural world, either wild animals or waterscapes.

I am greatly influenced by Leonardo DaVinci, the original medical illustrator, and by John Singer Sargent whose paintings come alive with meticulous brushstrokes and engaging use of color, shadow, and light.

What I want to convey to my audience is that, in spite of the evening news, there is beauty in this world, in the colors, textures, patterns, and space of nature. Nature can restore calm and hope and can regenerate the losses from any stress. It is my hope that people viewing my work should at once feel the mood of the piece.

Thanks for stopping by - Debbie Demyanovich


My Work

My work is made entirely from various sized particles of colored and clear Art Glass. No paint is ever used.

Each art piece is built up in many layers and fired in a kiln between each layer to more than 1,400 degrees F. Each firing can take several days.

Glass has unique refractive and reflective qualities that create a dimension beyond the surface. That is why I find it so exciting.

I have received several first place awards for my Nature in Glass artwork.